Cherish the Moments

Familly and Friends,
We have some frieds that were in our ward, but are not anymore because of a ward split. We just hear the most terrible news, that their 7 month old daughter has stage 4 cancer. What a blow to a family to bring a beautiful little child into the world, and then that fast have a chance to lose her.

President Monson taught us so perfectly this last conference to live in the moment. The Mom in this family commented on her blog how they had a park day last Saturday, and went and played at the park as a family. This was before they found out about their daughter. She said she watched as her husband played with their boys as they ran down the hill. She told of how their daughter lit up anytime her dad walked into the room with her. She mentioned how great it was and how she was able to basically count her blessings of the opportunity to be parents and to have such beautiful children.

How wonderful to have had that experience. How sad to have the one they are in now.

So my thoughts...we need to listen to all that the Prophet and other leaders teach us. We need to listen in our prayers, and what we are being asked to do. And we really do need to live in the moment. Not that we don't plan for the future or learn from the past, but living in the moment lets us enjoy every stage of life, every experience, and have those experiences tucked away as memories that we can cherish always.

I appreciate and love my family, and will be trying harder to live in the moment. I extend to all of you, the same council from President Monson, live in the moment.

Have a good week, and have fun on Halloween night. Be with your family, and have fun. Even you Dad's, step up and be a bigger part of your kids days. I'm going to do the same.



dustin and amy said...

I really appreciate your thoughts. I too have read the Cooks blog and thought what a blessing that they realized what a special time that park day was even before knowing of their recent news. I'm excited to take your challange and concentrate more on the moment, take it all in and remember. Thank you also for the computer advice. My brother in law is also good with computers and came over last night and fixed it. I will definately remember Bob for any future problems, cross my fingers they won't happen.

Whitney said...

that is so sad. I cant even imagine one of my nieces or nephews getting sick like that or passing away, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I know I am extremely blessed to have such a large wonderful family that is healthy and loves each other. I never take any of you for granted!
Much love