Busy Weekend

Rilee was on the swim team this year, and ended up swimming the longest race, the 500 free. It's 20 pool lengths, and she was 12th at regionals, and moved up to 10th after finals. Sadly, they only took the top 8 to state competition. Next year!

And of course we have soccer. Usually 5 games on Saturday. Today we just had 1. Cole played Thursday, the girls played Friday night and Jase didn't play today. Anyway here is Delaney taking charge of throwing the ball back in the game. Notice how they run after the ball no matter what position they play?

Here is Clay enjoying the game. This is a very rare shot of Clay sitting still. This never happens.

Jase went to Home Coming with Jessica and a bunch of friends. They all went in the van, went to dinner and then to the dance. They had a great time. Crazy that he is this old and doing these things. Check out the shoes on Jase. Grandpa Dave's old top siders, yes light blue, dark blue and white. Jase took them last time in California, thinks they are the coolest shoes in the world.

Last but not least, Clay has learned a new trick. Escaping from the crib. Here we go...The other night he woke up, got out and ran into the door of his room because it was dark. So now we make sure the door is wide open.

Just some of our events this last weekend. Always something going on. I know there is a lot going on in your lives too. Just remember to cherish the moments. It's hard sometimes since we are focused on income and diffenent things. Don't take advantage what we have in life. Have a good week.



Jillian said...

that is so funny of him climbing out of the crib! I cant believe that Jase is old enough to go to High School dances!!!! I am in complete shock.

Whitney said...

that is really funny! i cant believe how big he is getting! and i remember when jase was over at the house asking grandma for the shoes! how did he even know he had them??? great style Jase!