Fun times

First off, this is Delaney's invention, the Wash-N-Drop. We made a model out of wood and Pepsi cans. You put the clothes in the washer at the top, when done, they drop into the dryer, when done they drop into the basket washed! Anyway, chalk up another project for Dad and child!

And here we have Clay discovering how fun the trampoline is. He trys to get on every chance he can get anyone to open the back door. What a crack up to watch him too. He loves bouncing around in circles

And then Robin joined the party, and had fun with the static in the hair! As you can see she kept rubbing Clay's head on the trampoline to make his hair stick up, but it did it to hers as well. Lots of laughing! No this is not abuse, she's not banging his head or anything, just having fun!

Everyone, have a good week, enjoy the holiday. Make this year different, spend time with your family. Read and tell stories each night together this week, or pick some service acts you can do together as a family. Finally, read about the Savior each night. Pick stories of him healing and teaching. Do all this as families, and involve others too. I think if we all do this, we will have a more meaningful Christmas this year. Make it different from last year, make is special. The economy is not good this year. Many are cutting back on presents. What a great opportunity to do it differently.
Have fun and merry Christmas!


Three Posts-check them all out, had to catch up!

Here are some fun videos of family time!

Classic family fun. We miss everyone, and look forward to going to Cali for Christmas. It will be fun to be with our family and friends. Please keep us in your prayers, as I am trying to get a job that just opened up with a medical supply company. It would be really good for our family.

Have a good week.

This makes us laugh. The kids are like Jared, telling Clay to say things that sound

like other things!

A lot has gone on since Halloween, so here are just some shots of the family hanging out.

Clay kissing Mom, Cole loving his potatos, Clay eating on his own

Ansley at the table probably being funny, and Delaney in her school program.

Clay getting a ride, and Rilee at her swim banquet

and Jase at the dive banquet. It looks like Dad took all the pix...
Everyone is doing great and busy. Ansley is playing soccer for the Jr High, and they have playoffs this week. She has been a great player. Rilee is getting started with the High School team. Rec soccer is over for the season, yea, and we are trying to get ready for Christmas.


New November Old October

It's finally getting cold....colder! We are down in the 70's during the day, which is nice, and in the 50's at night. We actually opened our windows to cool the house off instead of running the a/c. Desert living!
Here are some pictures of Halloween to end October on. We had a fun party at our house. Had several people come and enjoy food with us and then go out trick-or-treating. We enjoy the friends we have.
So poor Delaney was sick all day, and barely crawled out of bed and put her pirate outfit on. She did not eat, but did try and walk the block. About 3/4 of the way, she puked on our neighbors lawn. Came home and went back to bed. Totally sad!
Then on Sunday, we had BJ and John over. We haven't seen them in a long time. It was fun. We also had Starks and Farnsworths, and Raymonds over for Cake and Ice Cream for Rilee. She is now 15!
Here we have Delaney playing with the camera, then Clay on the bunk beds that got moved into his room. He thought it was pretty cool. Then, clay hiding, and last but not least, Rilee blowing out the candles. We are so proud of you Rilee, you got all of them on the first blow!
Have a great week everybody,


The New President

Me watching the polls reporting.....I am not happy in this picture!

OK, here's my take. I'm not happy by any means about the Presidency. However, I do have to still respect the office. If we don't, it will diminish in its power. BUT, we still have our rights as Americans which we should always hold dear to us. We have the right of free speech, of which we can speak out. We have the right to vote, of which we can vote anyone in office out. President Elect Obama had better do what he said he is going to do. For we as Americans will be watching, and waiting. My personal feelings are that he will fail just like Carter. His ideas are not good. His ideas are dangerous, and will lead to failure in many ways.

I am OK that he is a black man. In fact I think America should be proud that a black man can achieve this level of accomplishment. I hope others will learn from this, that he worked his butt of to get where he is. I think he worked his way up in a corrept Chicago government, but he did work hard. I believe the color of one's skin should make no difference. It all matters what is in the heart and mind.

OK, we have 2 years to get the Senate back and the House back. Remember this as we vote in 2 years for some of the seats. And then in 4 years, we will have the opportunity to vote for a new President as well as more new Senators and Representatives.
Please be smart when you vote. Please don't vote on your emotions. Listen to the words and see the actions. I read a comment tonight that says "Obama is like country music. It sounds good until you listen to the words".

Clay after we voted today...he had to have the sticker!

Good night everybody, and good luck.


Cherish the Moments

Familly and Friends,
We have some frieds that were in our ward, but are not anymore because of a ward split. We just hear the most terrible news, that their 7 month old daughter has stage 4 cancer. What a blow to a family to bring a beautiful little child into the world, and then that fast have a chance to lose her.

President Monson taught us so perfectly this last conference to live in the moment. The Mom in this family commented on her blog how they had a park day last Saturday, and went and played at the park as a family. This was before they found out about their daughter. She said she watched as her husband played with their boys as they ran down the hill. She told of how their daughter lit up anytime her dad walked into the room with her. She mentioned how great it was and how she was able to basically count her blessings of the opportunity to be parents and to have such beautiful children.

How wonderful to have had that experience. How sad to have the one they are in now.

So my thoughts...we need to listen to all that the Prophet and other leaders teach us. We need to listen in our prayers, and what we are being asked to do. And we really do need to live in the moment. Not that we don't plan for the future or learn from the past, but living in the moment lets us enjoy every stage of life, every experience, and have those experiences tucked away as memories that we can cherish always.

I appreciate and love my family, and will be trying harder to live in the moment. I extend to all of you, the same council from President Monson, live in the moment.

Have a good week, and have fun on Halloween night. Be with your family, and have fun. Even you Dad's, step up and be a bigger part of your kids days. I'm going to do the same.



Busy Weekend

Rilee was on the swim team this year, and ended up swimming the longest race, the 500 free. It's 20 pool lengths, and she was 12th at regionals, and moved up to 10th after finals. Sadly, they only took the top 8 to state competition. Next year!

And of course we have soccer. Usually 5 games on Saturday. Today we just had 1. Cole played Thursday, the girls played Friday night and Jase didn't play today. Anyway here is Delaney taking charge of throwing the ball back in the game. Notice how they run after the ball no matter what position they play?

Here is Clay enjoying the game. This is a very rare shot of Clay sitting still. This never happens.

Jase went to Home Coming with Jessica and a bunch of friends. They all went in the van, went to dinner and then to the dance. They had a great time. Crazy that he is this old and doing these things. Check out the shoes on Jase. Grandpa Dave's old top siders, yes light blue, dark blue and white. Jase took them last time in California, thinks they are the coolest shoes in the world.

Last but not least, Clay has learned a new trick. Escaping from the crib. Here we go...The other night he woke up, got out and ran into the door of his room because it was dark. So now we make sure the door is wide open.

Just some of our events this last weekend. Always something going on. I know there is a lot going on in your lives too. Just remember to cherish the moments. It's hard sometimes since we are focused on income and diffenent things. Don't take advantage what we have in life. Have a good week.



You Have Got to Watch these videos!

I found this on the camera, and just had to share with you what we get on a daily basis around here. Never a dull moment. It's funny, one minute they are bugging each other and picking at each other, and the next they do things like this and look like they are best friends. Hope you enjoy.

And the oldest geek of the family was a cheerleader for the powder puff football game. I thought I had a better picture of him showing his socks and shorts, but you can get the idea what he looked like with the headband.

Here you go, our oldest in action. Wow what a great bunch of fun kids. We are so proud! I look forward to your comments.

And here he is again...



Temple trip with Grandma and Grandpa Warner...started in Las Vegas, then to St. George, spent the
night with the Monsons. Then went to Manti, then on up to Provo. Went to the Provo Temple, then
the next day to Mt. Timpanogus, Jordan River, and Salt Lake City. Then on Saturday they went
to conference to the afternoon session. Then the boys went to Priesthood session. lots of fun and
320 baptisms. Grandpa Dave did all the baptisms and didn't complain. Actually he only complained
about the kids at night not going to bed, and having ice fights.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great trip!

At the Conferenct Center

BYU and Salt lake City in the rain