Brenna said...

Wow! You have one gorgeous fam! I know a certain someone at Perry who has a crush on Jase! I may be sworn to secrecy though. Love all the pics. Take care and Merry Christmas.


dustin and amy said...

What great pictures! That little Clay is so dang cute. Thank you so much Sean for fixing our hood, it's beautiful!

jeny said...

Seriously beautiful.

I am hoping that when my kids are older, they will actually LOOK at the camera when we try to get a family pic.

Your pictures are flawless.

Kelly said...

So cute! I love all your family pics! And your family is so Cute! Lucky family! :)
Robin it looks like your speach in the bounus room paid off!! HA!

Ethan said...

You guys all look great. Tell Jase I watched the video and I always liked how he tooted his own horn.
Merry Christmas.

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

Hi guys. Your family is so beautiful! I heard you were in town this past weekend. April told me you said hi, sorry I missed you. I have a blog however I haven't really done anything on it yet.

Hope you have a great New Year!

-Sherri Rex-