Christmas in California

Christmas for our family was a lot of fun! We drove out to California a couple days before Christmas Day, and went straight to my family's party held at a church building. This was new for my Mom and Dad, but it worked out very well. We had a great time being together, and the kids had a wonderful time running around and playing.

Christmas Eve we spent with Robin's family at her sister Shelli's house. She loves to cook, and had a wonderful dinner for us all. We had most of Robin's family and her Aunt and Uncle's family. It was nice visiting with all of them. We don't see them that often.

And here we are Christmas morning, in the Hill's home, a little different for us this year being away from our house. We had a great time though. This year, Christmas was a little less for our family. The kids were fine with this and I think understood why. It actually needs to be how it is every year, a little less for us, and maybe a little more for others.

And, what's Chrismas vacation without surfing down at Newport Beach!!! They froze their butts off, but they had fun.

All the kids had a great time being with cousins. This was one of the many happy times during our vacation. We miss all of the family and our friends we don't live by, even the ones we didn't see this year. This made Christmas very special for us this year, even though it was all different for us this year.

So, one great late Christmas present was the news from Eric and Bri, about her blood test. The numbers were very good. We are still praying that a miricle will continue, and that Brianna will have a full recovery. We wish all the best for Eric and Brianna and their wonderful and beautiful family that they have created.
May all the choicest blessings be with all, as we start this new year!

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