Been a long time

Hello all,
If anyone cares or even looks, I feel bad we have not posted in a long time. I have very active on Facebook lately, and have had to limit my time on the computer. Partly because my wife keeps track of how much time I spend in it, and the other part is that I just don't have the time.

Time was one of the subjects my Grandpa Dunn used to lecture me about. He would say "Seany, time is one of the things we can't make up", and then he would explain that time is precious, and we have a limited amount of it each day, and to make the best of it.

As I get older, time is going faster. I have more to do during the day, and it feels like less time to do it in. I also notice our children are getting older at a more rapid rate than before. I now understand why my Grandpa was so concerned about telling me about time. He understood the concept that it goes faster and faster the older we get.

I have loved being a father and raising these wonderful children. We now have a 16 year old that drives and dates, down to a 2 year old that wants to play basketball, and 4 others inbetween that have so many wants and desires and personality traits, and the need of my time. Don't get me wrong, I love giving my time to them and enjoy doing things with them. Even if it's just watching the jump on the trampoline, or wrestle on the floor, or sit around eating dinner and listening to them discuss the day, or friends, or whatever comes to their minds. I just wish the time didn't go so fast. Jase will be going on a mission in less than 3 years now. Rilee could be married in 5 years if she gets married when Robin got married!!! Crazy to think of this! The reality, so little time to do so much.

Moral of the story, enjoy every minute we have with whomever we have. Kids, spouse, parents, grandparents, loved ones, friends. First, we never know when that time will be up, and second, the time can not be made up!

Love life as it happens, work hard to make it good, but love it as it goes along! Those we spend the time with will appreciate it as we appreciate them spending their time with us.

Have a good week,


dustin and amy said...

I already feel the way you do and my oldest is only 9! I can't imagine them any older, it scares me. Thanks for the reminder to cherish every moment, it is so important!

Whitney said...

Good to see you back! This is very great advice! I think time goes by way to fast too. I mean the weekend is already over and my time with Gordon has to wait until next weekend! I hate it.

Kelly said...

Great Advice! We all need to get that reminder every now and then! We miss your sunday school lessons every sunday! They were the BEST!

jeny said...

YES...a new post!

Lorri said...

Glad you're back!