Go speed racer!!!!

Well, it happened. I don't think it suprised Robin or I, but Jase got a speeding ticket. Can you say Dumb! We warn, and warn, and explain, and warn, and explain, and beg, and get reports from others, and explain.....and he keeps speeding by. Well he got tagged by officer ticke giver yesterday going 47 in our neighborhood down the long curve.

Robin and I drove there tonight and had a hard time getting to 47. Robin called the cop and talked to him tonight, and he explained that he really was going 47 and he could have arrested him and charged him. Luckely he gave him a civil citation that he can go to traffic school for and it won't show up on his record.

So, what do you do in a situation like this. He's a good kid. The officer even said so, but he just won't get it through his thick skull that we know things. I can't believe I was the same way!!! lol. Why do we do this as youngsters? We don't really listen to what those who have been through it before, and hear what they have to say. We don't take advantage of the experiences and the consequences that our elders went through. We have to experience some things on our own no matter what was said to us.

Really, please, share with me what we should do, how do we teach these lessons. Take the car away? how long? will that actually work? I resent ever being on restriction? Open for suggestions.It probably doesnt' help that we have him driving a bright red car!

Hey, have a great week,


christine said...

I totally know this feeling as I have a lead foot myself.... still to this day. Although, I think it is easier for a girl to get out of a ticket than a guy. LOL Taking the car away would probably be pretty painful for him, especially if he is LOVING driving, but I am not sure for how long. Do you ever talk to Aaron Raine? He might be able to help you in the "talking some sense into him" department since he is an officer in Mesa. Good luck with that.

dustin and amy said...

I have no advice, but I do know that I'm scared to death to have teenagers. I hope all goes well, and who knows maybe this will help him learn his lesson.

Stephanie said...

Hey Sean and Robin,

This is tough, we've been there too, unfortunately it's been more than once with the same kid, and he too is a great kid. First off, our son paid his citation with his own money, of course. Second, we suspended his driving privileges for one week. He hated it, and that's what we hoped for. We had to do something that would make an impact and it did.

Traffic school wasn't an option where we live. I think that would be great if he could go. Several years ago, as an adult, I went to traffic school to take care of a ticket I received. It was an eye-opening experience. There were some grusome stories and pictures that the instructor used to drive home the issue of being safe out on the road and behind the wheel of a huge chunk of steel.

Hopefully it'll be the same way for Jase when he goes to traffic school, if that's what you decide to do.

Another thing, our son has had a few friends who have been in wrecks, most of which were because they were going too fast and/or driving carelessly (he was in the car for two of them). Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, but knowing the details of these accidents and the fact that the kids involved could have been seriously hurt or killed has made a huge impression.

I wish you luck, this is one of those parenting things that aren't all that fun to deal with.

Take care,


Lorri said...

No advice...No teenagers old enough to drive yet, thank heavens!!!

I think the traffic school will be torture enough.

He could be doing worse things right now! He's a great kid and my boys and nephew look up to him and think he's a wonderful example.

Go easy on him!!!

Heidi said...

We have had some similar experiences with our kids. Unfortunatley, I don't think there's any way to avoid it. We have one 18 year old son who has to now pay $50 per month towards his insurance (not even half!) because he got that one-more-ticket. He hasn't gotten any more since, so maybe hitting them in the wallet is the most effective way to slow them down. I know it works for me :) Good luck!

tHe WaRnEr FaMiLy said...

Heidi, I'm not sure who you are just from your first name?

Heidi said...

Sorry! It's Heidi (Carroll) Lamb