New November Old October

It's finally getting cold....colder! We are down in the 70's during the day, which is nice, and in the 50's at night. We actually opened our windows to cool the house off instead of running the a/c. Desert living!
Here are some pictures of Halloween to end October on. We had a fun party at our house. Had several people come and enjoy food with us and then go out trick-or-treating. We enjoy the friends we have.
So poor Delaney was sick all day, and barely crawled out of bed and put her pirate outfit on. She did not eat, but did try and walk the block. About 3/4 of the way, she puked on our neighbors lawn. Came home and went back to bed. Totally sad!
Then on Sunday, we had BJ and John over. We haven't seen them in a long time. It was fun. We also had Starks and Farnsworths, and Raymonds over for Cake and Ice Cream for Rilee. She is now 15!
Here we have Delaney playing with the camera, then Clay on the bunk beds that got moved into his room. He thought it was pretty cool. Then, clay hiding, and last but not least, Rilee blowing out the candles. We are so proud of you Rilee, you got all of them on the first blow!
Have a great week everybody,


The New President

Me watching the polls reporting.....I am not happy in this picture!

OK, here's my take. I'm not happy by any means about the Presidency. However, I do have to still respect the office. If we don't, it will diminish in its power. BUT, we still have our rights as Americans which we should always hold dear to us. We have the right of free speech, of which we can speak out. We have the right to vote, of which we can vote anyone in office out. President Elect Obama had better do what he said he is going to do. For we as Americans will be watching, and waiting. My personal feelings are that he will fail just like Carter. His ideas are not good. His ideas are dangerous, and will lead to failure in many ways.

I am OK that he is a black man. In fact I think America should be proud that a black man can achieve this level of accomplishment. I hope others will learn from this, that he worked his butt of to get where he is. I think he worked his way up in a corrept Chicago government, but he did work hard. I believe the color of one's skin should make no difference. It all matters what is in the heart and mind.

OK, we have 2 years to get the Senate back and the House back. Remember this as we vote in 2 years for some of the seats. And then in 4 years, we will have the opportunity to vote for a new President as well as more new Senators and Representatives.
Please be smart when you vote. Please don't vote on your emotions. Listen to the words and see the actions. I read a comment tonight that says "Obama is like country music. It sounds good until you listen to the words".

Clay after we voted today...he had to have the sticker!

Good night everybody, and good luck.