The New President

Me watching the polls reporting.....I am not happy in this picture!

OK, here's my take. I'm not happy by any means about the Presidency. However, I do have to still respect the office. If we don't, it will diminish in its power. BUT, we still have our rights as Americans which we should always hold dear to us. We have the right of free speech, of which we can speak out. We have the right to vote, of which we can vote anyone in office out. President Elect Obama had better do what he said he is going to do. For we as Americans will be watching, and waiting. My personal feelings are that he will fail just like Carter. His ideas are not good. His ideas are dangerous, and will lead to failure in many ways.

I am OK that he is a black man. In fact I think America should be proud that a black man can achieve this level of accomplishment. I hope others will learn from this, that he worked his butt of to get where he is. I think he worked his way up in a corrept Chicago government, but he did work hard. I believe the color of one's skin should make no difference. It all matters what is in the heart and mind.

OK, we have 2 years to get the Senate back and the House back. Remember this as we vote in 2 years for some of the seats. And then in 4 years, we will have the opportunity to vote for a new President as well as more new Senators and Representatives.
Please be smart when you vote. Please don't vote on your emotions. Listen to the words and see the actions. I read a comment tonight that says "Obama is like country music. It sounds good until you listen to the words".

Clay after we voted today...he had to have the sticker!

Good night everybody, and good luck.


Jillian said...

well at least prop 102 is doing good! At least the world is not totally crumbling into a million pieces!

Lorri said...

That picture of you sitting on the couch made me laugh. Ya don't look to happy! Anyway because of Robin I'm glued to Chris Stewarts novel. Brandon brought home the 6th one yesterday when he found out I had the flu. He knew I would be taking it easy and wanted me to have something to do. I just started reading it this morning and something just didn't set right when I was reading on page 10 "The president we elected. He was good and smooth and said all the right things." (Ya know what I'm talking about? The timings kind of weird) This novel is kind of scary at times and I have to remind myself that it's just a novel and the author is an entertainer.

Whitney said...

i love hearing you speak. I also love hearing christian and jared speak about politics!!!!

i think that we shouldnt rely on any president to make us happy or stable, but do things for ourselves. we should build our own lives and live with the help of freinds and family.

danielle bailey said...

Wow! I need to read your blog more often. I looked at the shoes on Jase before I read the comment and was cracking up. I can't believe he is doing all that stuff. Rilee and Ansley reminded me of me and the girls when were little. I agree with you about the president. we have to give him a chance, but he's going to have to do a lot before he gains a lot of people's trust.