Happy Birthday to Me

Thanks for the birthday wishes today. Whit, thanks for what you said, I love being your brother, as I love being all my siblings older brother. It is a lucky and wonderful spot to be in, in the order of family members.

Just so you know, raising our children has been the most wonderful thing in my life second only to marrying Robin.

Some wisdom from me as I am now a year older.

Cherish life, don't waste your time, be happy, be friendly, enjoy other's company, take time alone and meditate, ponder and pray, share your thoughts with others that they might learn from your experiences, don't think you are better than anyone no matter what they do or how they live their life, choose right over wrong always, show your love for those you love, be true to your beliefs and convictions, strive to be better every day.

Those are the thoughts that came to me, most of which I try to do and be. I notice people that try to live these or other good attributes. I can tell people that just don't care.

I appreciate you all, and love you,

Happy Birthday to me, and to you when it's your turn!


Whitney said...

great words oh brother one!

dustin and amy said...

Happy Birthday Sean! Hope it was great!

christine said...

Wow what an awesome post Sean. You said it all! Sounds like you had a great one. Now go have a great year to come!

jeny said...

Happy Birthday!