Fun times

First off, this is Delaney's invention, the Wash-N-Drop. We made a model out of wood and Pepsi cans. You put the clothes in the washer at the top, when done, they drop into the dryer, when done they drop into the basket washed! Anyway, chalk up another project for Dad and child!

And here we have Clay discovering how fun the trampoline is. He trys to get on every chance he can get anyone to open the back door. What a crack up to watch him too. He loves bouncing around in circles

And then Robin joined the party, and had fun with the static in the hair! As you can see she kept rubbing Clay's head on the trampoline to make his hair stick up, but it did it to hers as well. Lots of laughing! No this is not abuse, she's not banging his head or anything, just having fun!

Everyone, have a good week, enjoy the holiday. Make this year different, spend time with your family. Read and tell stories each night together this week, or pick some service acts you can do together as a family. Finally, read about the Savior each night. Pick stories of him healing and teaching. Do all this as families, and involve others too. I think if we all do this, we will have a more meaningful Christmas this year. Make it different from last year, make is special. The economy is not good this year. Many are cutting back on presents. What a great opportunity to do it differently.
Have fun and merry Christmas!


Jared and Heather Warner said...

yes, i agree, although i love to see the kids so excited to open gifts, i have a different attitude this year about buying gifts. i wish we could do away with gifts altogether.

Jillian said...

why didnt you mention the most awesome party ever that you went to and the great times with your sisters!!!!! my feelings are hurt.

Whitney said...

love these pictures of clay....Thanks again for everything this weekend, we both had a lot of fun and created new memories!!

well miss you guys for christmas!
love you

rilenzie said...

i guess he didnt mention it because it wasnt the most awesome party. ever think of that jillian?? jk.