Three Posts-check them all out, had to catch up!

Here are some fun videos of family time!

Classic family fun. We miss everyone, and look forward to going to Cali for Christmas. It will be fun to be with our family and friends. Please keep us in your prayers, as I am trying to get a job that just opened up with a medical supply company. It would be really good for our family.

Have a good week.


Stephanie said...

Hey Sean!
You will be in our prayers! We know all too well what it is like to be out of work and are so grateful that Bobby is physically able to work now and that he is working for a great company.
We'll be in So Cal for Christmas too, maybe we'll run into each other at church. Enjoy the season and keep us posted!

Shannon said...

Hey - so nice to hear from you guys. Your family is beautiful. It is such a small world. Usually when people ask if we know so and so from AZ is it usually a no, but this time I was pleasantly surprised!


dustin and amy said...

Love the video's. Clay is so cute and a little crack-up. Our favorite thing is to sit around with the family and let Embry entertain us. Thanks for sharing you have a great family!

Glahn Family said...

I'm so glad that you linked me your blog. I just love your kids. They remind me of my house growing up. Just a boat load of kids being silly and having the best time. Enjoy it it goes fast. Saw your note on hoping to get a new job. What line of work are you looking into? I will say prayers that you get the job that you want... Mike and I went into a huge job transition upon comin gto AZ. I'm glad I will be going to work it is much needed...