Temple trip with Grandma and Grandpa Warner...started in Las Vegas, then to St. George, spent the
night with the Monsons. Then went to Manti, then on up to Provo. Went to the Provo Temple, then
the next day to Mt. Timpanogus, Jordan River, and Salt Lake City. Then on Saturday they went
to conference to the afternoon session. Then the boys went to Priesthood session. lots of fun and
320 baptisms. Grandpa Dave did all the baptisms and didn't complain. Actually he only complained
about the kids at night not going to bed, and having ice fights.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great trip!

At the Conferenct Center

BYU and Salt lake City in the rain

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jeny said...

Do your kids really realize that they have the coolest grandparents??

I'm sure they do!