Fun in the Family Room

Some shots of the Geeks!

Just having some fun! This is one of those times 6 kids is a good number!!!

Can someone tell me how to get the pictures side by side instead of one on top of the other. I just shoot from the hip on this stuff.

So an update on the diet...I did it for 8 days. I was supposed to do it for 10 but couldn't take it anymore. I craved the taste of something other than lemonaid! Funny thing is I really was never hungry from not eating since the lemonaid fills you up, but my sense of smell was increased and I could smell all kinds of great smells and they were always from food. So I got back to food. For the first day however, my food was orange juice instead of lemonaid. On the second day, dinner was soup broth, soup from scratch, which was all vegies no meat. Third day was back to food and I had a burrito which gave me heart burn. Anyway, I'm back to all food now, but I don't drink soda anymore and I'm trying to cut out the fast food. Good experience!

So two more days off and the kids will be back in school. Sometimes these breaks are too long. It messes up our getting up time and going to bed time.

All are invited to our yearly Halloween party at our house. Also, we are staying here for Thanksgiving again this year, and extend an invite to any family in California that would like to come out and stay with us. This is unoficial, but it's extended to everyone. Amy and Ken are going to Utah, and I'm not sure what Jillian and Todd are doing. We heard some talk that some people would like to come out, so we are inviting.

Have a good week all!



Jillian said...

we are going to be here with todds family but we would love to maybe do a soccer game or somehthing??? When are the kids games next week? I want to go now that I dont want to kill myself when I am outside.

Whitney said...

i want to come to az for thanksgiving. i think itll be boring at home. count me in.....