So the week is going fast.It's amazing how you get home from church and the next thing you know it's almost Friday again, looking forward to the weekend. I just got roped into, I mean volunteered to coach Rilee's soccer team again this year. It should be a lot of fun, and something scheduled that I have to be at. Jase is healing fine, at least the arm. The head is a different story! He seems more stuborn, more of a pain in the butt, and teases more than he used to. Clay is almost crawling, he keeps leaning on all fours, but then sits back up. He acts like he's going to take off running, and then chickens out. It's fun to watch him. Ansley and Delaney have started dance again, and they love it. Ansley goes about 500 hours a week, apperantly is a "Natural" according to her instructors. I think it's just a good way to get more money out of us. Cole ran for President of his school, didn't make it though. In his speach he told the kids "He would make their wildest dreams come true". I don't know why he didn't win? Rilee ran for VP, and won for the 8th drade. I probably shouldn't tell you no one else ran. Oh well, we are still proud that she did it. Robin is keeping everything running smooth. I get told what's going on in a day, and cower at the thought. She just keeps going, and adds the kids friends along the way. It's a good thing we got the van!

Later to all (or any)



Jillian said...

Coles speech sounds awesome. I would have voted for him. Maybe we should pretend that we like eachother and get together for dinner on sunday. what do you think?

tHe WaRnEr FaMiLy said...
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mindy Thomas said...

see, I like the family newsy stuff. Keep it coming.