First day of school, how fun was that. We have already been in for 4 weeks. Some of our cousins haven't even started!!! We love it though, we already get 2 weeks off in October.


Whitney said...

so very cute! love to see all the new pictures and how fast youre all growing!
I cant wait to come and babysit! see you in a few weeks!

Jillian said...

this is way too exciting! Im glad that you guys can finally "fit in"...I was worried about you guys for a while there.

katie dunn said...

Love the blog...I am so excited that we all have a fun way of keeping in touch now!

Cathy Warner said...

Hey Guys,
Love the blog. I'm so proud of all (extended included) family members creating and maintaining their blogs - you know it is a family history thing!! So, I guess Dad & I need to get in on the action.
Love ya, Mom