New to this stuff


To whoever reads this, this is new for our family. We enjoy reading all the other family blogs, and thought we should join in. Actually, Ansley can't stand that we aren't doing something that other people are doing. So hear we are. The first entry is from Ansley, in her own words explaining about our family. She has a problem with our van, and has a hard time getting rides in it. She is very concerned with the appearance of things. Rilee wrote the second entry, and has a funny way about her, if you could only hear her read out loud what she wrote, it would sound funny.

Everyone else will have to contribute later. It will be a family assignment! We want to hear back from you, so please comment on our entries. We feel lonely out hear sometimes, and enjoy hearing from family and friends.

We will also post pictures so you see what everyone looks like, and see the funny shots of everyday life.

Take care, we miss you,

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures....but how do you stop the block of pictures so you can see each one better? You guys are really getting clever, I love it. The only trouble when you sent this you sent it to me a school and I couldn't pull it up because the school blocks from these websites. If you send anything else be sure and let me know about it at sueahill@aol.com