Fall Break for the Warners

Our break is over but I have to say, we had a great time. Our school district has 2 1/2 weeks off in October and I love it because the weather is so nice during October. The first week we stayed at home at got appointments and other things done. The second week is when the fun began. Jase and Rilee went to Nauvoo with their Grandma Cathy. They are very lucky to have that experience. They left on Monday morning and returned the following Sunday. They had a blast with Grandma and loved everything they were able to see. I have a feeling Grandma Cathy was able to be a teenager for a week. Rilee and Jase had her laughing quite a bit. We appreciate grandma and her willingness to teach and take time with our her grandchildren.
The rest of us, except for Sean who stayed home to work because someone has to work so we can play, left Monday morning for San Diego. We we fortunate to stay at my BYU friends house, Mindy Thomas for Monday night. Our kids had a blast together! We knew they would. We went out to dinner and hung out. Tuesday we went to Seaworld. Mindy and my sister Melanie met us there. I had Cole, Ansley, Delaney, and cousin Zach. I was lucky because my sister in law kept Clay for the day. We were able to do so much more and so much faster. It was a great day of shows and rides. Cole, Zachary and Ansley got to do the interaction with the dolphins. It was Coles present from his grandma. They had a blast. We had fun with Dalton, London, Ryder and Tanner. They all loved the shows. We left there and spent the night at Heather and Jareds. It was a short visit but we had fun. Heather did a notebook project with my kids that they loved and have been adding to it ever since. Great idea Heather!! She is very creative and patient with the kids. Loved being at there house!!
Wednesday we went up to Brea and visited with Great Grandma Dunn. First we picked up the Bailey kids at school. They went with us to visit Grandma. It is always great to see Grandma. She is such a great example to all of us. Later we visited at Grandma Sues. We saw the bride to be, Susan, and Dan. Trisha and her kids were there to greet us. That night we stayed at Templins. Aren't we lucky to have so much family!! Thursday was a blast, we went to Knotts Berry Farm. We went with Joan and Larry , Kristi Raymond, Cassie and Connor, Templins, Ewings, and Camie and Caden Stephen. The park was empty and it was a beautiful day. We love the rides and excitement. Later that night we picked up Sean to join us on our trip. It is always nice to have dad!!! He had all the kids on Friday so I could meet up with my sisters, Samie, Kalee, cousins, aunt and mom for breakfast and than a few more hours so I could shop with Trisha. He was a good dad and played football, took them to lunch, park and slurpees. I don't know why the kids want to be with him more????
Other highlights were of course the Wedding, Susan and Dans wedding was great. Everything was so pretty and we had a great time dancing and seeing friends. We are happy to have Dan in our family. The kids are always a great gage and they all love him to death. It was fun to be with all of the Hill cousins. A little crazy and wild at times. Susan and Dan are now enjoying 10 days in Hawaii. Lucky them. We got to see Sadie and James play soccer, spend some time with Grandma Sue on Sunday and had dinner at the Warners with all the cousins. We ever snuck a couple of teeth cleanings in on Monday morning. Great trip and we love to go back and visit and see everyone. I'm pretty sure everyone is glad this is the first time I have blogged, and it will probably not happen again for a while. I will learn how to shorten but we did have a busy week. Glad school is back in but thankful for the great time off and vacation to visit everyone. Have a great week!


Whitney said...

So fun! Wish I coullve seen all of you!
Hugs and Kisses!

JENY said...

I'm tired just reading about your vacation! Sounds like you all had fun.