cute story!!!

so its fall break right now, and i am so excited. i am babysitting for jillian right now, and berkley did the cutest thing. i was playing with her on the ground, and she kept on laying on the ground, so i sat with her on the couch,and i looked down at her and she was totally asleep. it was so cute, and she fell asleep 1 hour before her bedtime. so thats why she didnt get a bath jill.
have you guys noticed that i am the only one who writes on our blog. so i am going to navoo with jase and my grandma cathy. i am so excited. ill have some pictures by like next sunday.


Jillian said...

that is so cute. I wish she did that for me! Im so jealous. Thanks for babysitting.

Amie said...

That is cute! Rilee, you should tell your other family members to post too!!! ;) I really enjoy your post's though so keep 'em coming!

See you tomorrow!