I'm sorry I'm not bloggin enough for you guys. Robin never adds anything, and my kids have their own, so they won't do it, and someone has to work around here so everyone else can play!!!
By the way, how did you know we posted so fast? I'm blog chalenged you know!
OK, so Robin is on her way this afternoon to Catalina Island to meet all her BYU friends. It's a new annual thing. They are staying at the Haars house over there. Oh, and she just got back from Detroit. She went to a convention there, and had a great time.
Jase is on the dive team, yes he wears a Spedo. He is pretty good, not great yet, but improving. He keeps placing in the middle of the guys that are competing. Having fun driving and girls.
Rilee is on the swim team, swims a few different events, has fun doing it, not the fastest, but she's only a Freshman. She has a couple guys that like her. It's fun to watch her try and avoid all that.
Ansley is a cheerleader for the Jr. High. She loves it, and she's the smallest so she gets to be lifted.
Cole is the VP of his school. I'm not sure what that means, and I don't think he knows either, but it gives him a title.
Delaney is growing like a weed, has lots of friends, and won't sleep in her own bed. Everynight the girls have a slumber party in the other room.
Clay is growing and saying a few words, thinks he's pretty cool. Of course we all support that notion. He gets to go with Robin and stay with Aunt Trish this weekend.
All the kids just started soccer again, looking forward to the 5 games each Saturday!
Me, I'm just working, trying once again to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing in life. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along.

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Whitney said...

So I think we are all pretty obsessed with blogging so we check everyday. Im not mad that you dont blog often, its just nice to hear about what everyone is doing and to see pictures because we dont live around each other. I appreciate your efforts!
Miss and love you!