Hey everyone, just a few new photos. Here are some of the Boy! Robin and I went to Utah for a few days, and the kids all stayed with friends and Jillian. When we returned, Clay did the same thing all our kids did when we would go away. As soon as he saw us he smiled and then started crying, as if to say "How Dare you leave me!!!"

Anyway, we are back, and he is OK now. Here are some pics of the Boy playing Piano, and the Girl (Delany) being cute. While we were gone, she had her 8th birthday. We will have a party for her later, and she will be baptized over Memorial Weekend. We are proud of her.

Hope all is well with for everyone,


Whitney said...

So cute! And Happy Birthday my sweet Delaney!!! Cant wait to see you all in a few weeks!

jeny said...

what a beautiful young lady