OK folks, it's time to say a few words. Robin and I just went to a parenting fireside and learned all we need to know to combat the teenagers! They had better watch out!!! And so should anyone that has or will have teenagers in the future. Be prepared!

We appreciate the nice words sent our way regarding the shop fire. It is a crazy thing, one that I never dreamed would or could ever happen to me. We are adding it to our list of things that happen to give us strength, and I'm trying to learn from it.

Anyway, appreciate the words and help.

We miss everyone, look forward to vacation time, and the summer when we will see you all.


Brenna said...

Shop fire? Sad. So sorry.

Awesome news on combatting the teens. My daughter is only 8, but I feel like we are getting close. UGH!!

Glad you guys are posting again. :)

Whitney said...

You guys are amazing parents!

BTW am I getting a ticket soon for the babysitting??? Let me know!