We are halfway through the weekend and having a great time. Great Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma Dave and Cathy, the Baily's, and Ashley and Jeff came out from California. We also had the Starks, and the Farnsworths over for dinner and fesivities. We have miniature golfed, eaten, played cards, eaten more, gone to the Temple, eaten even more, and also eaten!

We miss the Jared Warners, and the Christian Warners, and Whitney being here with us. We heard Jared and Christian and families got together in So Cal, had a great time, and not sure what Whitney did, but we thought of all of them as we sat down together to eat.

Whitney, we are sorry we havn't kept up with our blog, we enjoy visiting yours, and understand you would like to see what's up with all of us.

We will add pictures in the next day or two of the fun times.

Till then, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Remember, one thing to be thankful for is our country, and the right to vote. I will play Grandpa Dunn and remind and encourage to be informed, and to vote your choice. Remember how he would do this all the time. Also remember what he fought for in WWII.



Whitney said...

Thanks Sean. And the Itlaians dont have thanksgiving, and they dont sell Turkeys. So there was no way of making our own OR going to a restaurant with it. It was just our group, the choices were Swordfish, Veal, or Omelette...so I chose Fish. Pretty gross too.

jeny said...

It's about time you updated!! Can't wait to see some pics.

danielle bailey said...

We had so much fun, you guys always take such good care of us. Robin even bought gatorade just for Jon, and we love the private suite that we've scored just about every time we come. I love the picture where clay is being fed with a shovel, that's the way to get it done. see you soon, and yes you do sound like grandpa Dunn, but someone's got to do it.