this weekend me and ansley went to peoria to visit our two bff's that we have known since we were born ( they lived by us in california). on saturday we went to the mall and tried on dresses at windsor, dillards, macys and norstroms. we got in trouble at windsor because they were very MEAN! so we went to dillards, that was very fun. they didnt care what we did, because they were all OLD! then we went to norstom and macys. that was OK. we didnt buy anything because we dont have any money. then that night we went tp-ing. then on sunday we went to their ward and after she had a presidency meeting that i went to. that was super boring. then an OLD leader took us home, and went ALL the way around the flipin mountain, which took 45 min. then she took us to the wrong house, so we pretended it was our house, and then when she left, we had to walk 3 blocks to her REAL house. we were cracking up!! then my mom and dad picked us up. thats all.
(Jill: idk my bff rose. dragonflies!!!)



Jillian said...

woo hoo....thanks for the shout out. GO DRAGONFLIES!!!

Whitney said...

What? Im confused...whats all this secret code stuff? And is everyone considered OLD??????

Amie said...

I would just like to know at what age you are considered OLD??? And I'm loving the useage of all caps!

Rilee - you are a gem...this was cracking me up!